Different styles for wearing a scarf

Scarves go a long way in adding a little oomph factor to your look. They are just the right accessory to add just the right amount of glamour to your look.

Add that extra colour to make the most boring daily outfit look smart. Here are many ways you can wear a scarf. According to your mood and occasion.

Here some simple and easy ways to add a bit of a spark and make people stop when you enter.

Go old skool

This style never goes out of fashion

  1. Wear the scarf around your neck keeping both ends at equal length
  2. Throw one end over your shoulder
  3. done
Comfort Scarf
Comfort Scarf

Conventional loop

Most popular way to wear your favourite piece of clothing

  1. Throw the scarf over your neck. Keep one end slightly longer than the other.
  2. Take the longer end and loop it around your neck and bring it over the opposite shoulder.
  3. You can keep a dip in the scarf at the front or let it sit hugging your neck.
  4. Works perfectly with casual as well as formal wear.
Scarf for formal wear
Scarf for formal wear

Loopy loop

Follow all the steps of the conventional loop scarf but only loop it around twice. Not only will it keep you warm on those cold days but will give that extra personality to your look.

Diva Scarf
Diva Scarf

Summer loop

Why give your favourite scarf a miss just because it’s getting warmer.

  1. Take the ends of the scarf and tie a knot
  2. Twist once to make a figure 8
  3. Take one loop over the other loop and let it hang around your neck
Summer Scarf Loop
Summer Scarf Loop

With a Style

Want to try something different. Just casually drape your scarf.

  1. Fold your scarf loosely in half and make a small loop
  2. Put it over your head
  3. Take both the ends of the scarf and bring them over the loop to give a knotted look
Scarf with a style
Scarf with a style

The Shawl

Wrap it around your shoulders to get a perfect look for a dinner or a late night stroll.

  1. Let the scarf spread over your shoulders.
  2. Keeping one end longer than other.
  3. Throw the longer end over your opposite shoulder.

The Shawl Scarf
The Shawl Scarf

Belted Drape

This style has become more and more popular as blanket scarves have made their way into people’s closets.

  1. Open the scarf entirely
  2. Drape evenly over shoulders and arms
  3. Place a belt around your waist to keep it in place

Just like magic, you have a makeshift sweater!

There are plenty of stylish ways to wear a scarf no matter what the occasion. Stop by and check our wide variety of scarves. You can also check out at Kmart, Myer, Target. Also browse your local scarf store to find scarves for any season at prices that cannot be beaten!

Know your Scarves

Neck scarf

Scarves are the best thing you will add to your wardrobe. To spruce up any outfit and add a little extra of your personality in your outfit. Have a pick on our variety of scarves. Neck scarves are generally square in shape and tied around the neck as a fashion accessory. Either to enhance the look or give it a personalised touch. Long rectangle scarves can also be worn as a loop around your neck. Wear them with your formal wear to stand apart and make everyone notice you. Consequently you can wear them on a social event much to everyone’s envy.

Head scarf

Similarly wear your favourite scarf over your head to make for an excellent head accessory. To convert your casual clothing into something elegant to wear for dinner. Most importantly making for more practical use on those winter months and adding colour and style to you regular jackets and overcoats. Wearing a different scarf over your overalls makes the same outfit look new and different every time. As a result opportunities are countless to mix match the colours. Are you feeling bold or sensuous? Or want to strike a power statement or simply stand out. Scarves have an amazing ability to do just that while giving you the freedom to put them on and take them off without much ado depending on the changing situations of today’s dynamic lifestyle.

Hijab scarf

Hijab Scarf

Worn by many women of the Muslim faith. It’s so much more than an accessory its part of their clothing and lifestyle. With different varieties of ladies scarves available on our store, you can have a nice choice of colours, patterns, textures and more.

Feeling Adventurous

Your scarf doesn’t have to be worn in a conventional way. Wrap them around your waist or loop it around one hand. Tie it around your plait. Use two scarves to make a unique wear. Your imagination is the limit. Make a fashion statement of your own.

Scarf Shop

Finally for the best gift you can give yourself or your special one visit our scarf shop to get a pick at your favourite accessory. Our lady scarf range is exclusively designer based. We don’t like to source our scarves from mass manufactures so that you can have a unique scarf that suits your need and makes you stand out. We have picked the most vibrant designs and textures for you to enjoy.